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Food for thought for average outdoor/offsite wedding costs

Outdoor weddings are some of the best weddings ever. Here are some items to consider for outdoor or offsite weddings. They may or may not apply to your individual event.


Your rental needs will depend on kitchen facilities available, as well as menu. Rentals include supplies for guests to eat, glassware, tables, chairs, linens, cook and service equipment, auxiliary catering supplies. Final price will depend on the quality of dinnerware, linens and chairs chosen, as well as kitchen facilities available on site.


Catering coordinator/supervisor, Chefs, Bartenders, Servers, Previous day set up/tear down staff.


Christine Bib Catering and Events has No corkage fee. *This one item can provide substantial savings, compared to a venue where alcohol must be purchased from the venue at restaurant prices...

SOFT BAR: Ice, soft drinks, water, and bar condiments (no alcohol)

LIQOUR: We can purchase, deliver and return unopened bottles at cost. (Please note that this will incur a service charge.) Alternately, client is welcome to supply any beverages, which bartenders can serve.

ICE: provided and delivered for event needs.


Main dining tent, catering tent (though we often utilize garage or basement etc. if available). For larger events (over 150 guests) a separate bussing tent is required.

Porta Potties, and lighting for port potties. Options include single washrooms, deluxe double trailer with flush toilets, lights, hand sinks, and gender specific washrooms.

We recommend the double trailer for events in excess of 60 guests.

Porta Potty entrance tent- A nice touch outside the washroom door, offering shelter and privacy to those entering and exiting.

Small accessory table. Set outside port a potty, with accessory basket can provide station for amenities like hair spray, bobby pins, tissues, hand sanitizer, bug spray, breath mints, and other courtesies for your guests.


Frame tents - It is said that “simplicity is the height of elegance.” Frame tents hold true to this idea: with an ingenious design, frame tents are uncomplicated, utilizing a rigid aluminum framework and do not require centre poles. The absence of centre poles maximizes interior space - a key factor when an unobstructed view is essential, or when space is at a premium.

These tents generally work best for weddings as there are no interior poles to hinder table set up and dance floor placement, and have a bit more leeway for pole placement, particularly important in country settings.

Pole tents - these tents obtain their name due to the large poles at the mid-point of the structure that support the weight of the roof. They are distinctive in appearance due to the large, graceful peaks that form the roof of the structure. From an interior perspective, this gives the look of high, vaulted ceilings, and an overall impression of classic grandeur. The poles mid-point supporting the peaks can interfere with sight lines, dance floor placement and table placement, so this tent works well for less structured events.


Christine Bib Event co -ordinator can identify need of and arrange; dance floors, lighting, generators, room and tent decor, DJ, Live music, limo, buses, barges, water taxi, photography, florals, wedding cake or anything else you may require for an outdoor/offsite wedding. We are also pleased to work with your own suppliers.

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